It seems that my site blows chunks. So, I am going to revert to funny pics and jokes…. because the news just isn’t friggin funny without Clinton, Kim Jong Il,¬†or Bush in the picture constantly.

Meet ROXXXY, the First Sex Bot!

Having trouble leaving the World of Warcraft to meet a girl who will do what you need? Well meet Roxxxy, the first robotic girlfriend or as I call it “sex bot”. She can’t walk her own 120 pound ass to the bedroom, but her 3 “special places” are anatomically correct and fully functional. Apparently, she can’t do the dishes, but she talks, feels touches, and even sleeps.

It took True Companion two decades to develop her. They had an earlier version named Trudy, but she wasn’t very user friendly. If you ask me, Roxxxy needs a bit of work in the face, but hey that’s just my opinion.

Get more info on the Sex Bot at here.

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