Snake dies of silicone (implant) poisoning

Israeli model Orit Fox, a chick with gigantuon fake knockers, was performing a publicity stunt for a radio station. The publicity stunt was for Orit Fox to kiss a snake, not too dangerous right? eh. Well, the snake got really turned on and bit Orit Fox’s left fun bag and you can here one of the radio show reps panick with, “not the titty!”

That’s epic. Anyhoo, then the snake died of silicon poisoning. I am sure that Peta will be protesting outside of every world brest enhancement joint within the next 72 hours. Before the snake kicked the can, he stated, “…it was worth it.”

Watch it on Youtube:

Is that a chainsaw in your pocket?

A CHICKASHA man was arrested today after allegedly stealing a chainsaw from a hardware store by hiding it down the front of his shorts, KFOR reported.

Police said 21-year-old Anthony Darren Black also stole a dog collar from the Ross Seed Company, and appeared intoxicated.

One staff member noticed the strange way Mr Black was walking, but assumed he was handicapped.

“I felt sorry for him. I thought the gentleman was crippled,” said Richard Largent.

But other employees noticed the chainsaw and chased Mr Black until he dived into a creek – where police arrested him. He was charged with a number of offenses.


Is that a chainsaw in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?